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The Biz Baz Alliance

What is the BizBaz Alliance?

We are building future entrepreneurs. We want you to successfully take your side hustle and flip it into your only hustle!

Headed by Julia Kennedy and Stephen Long. Julia and Stephen own Perfect Humans, B2 Kawaii Gift Shop and Bizarre Bazaar. Perfect Humans is a pin and accessory company that is Kawaii AF! B2 is the largest flair consignment shop in the world. Bizarre Bazaar is a monthly event they host that is fueled by inclusiveness, positive vibes and being a little kooky.

We know how to take a vision and make it happen. We want to teach you all how to make some serious strides in your business. 

We meet weekly with our paying members to break down their goals and to provide them step by step instructions on how to crush those goals! You can also purchase a webinar pass to tune in virtually if you can't make it IRL or don't live in San Diego!

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