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Become a Vendor!

Come get bizarre with us! 

*********************************************Until we are back to physical events in the community, we will not be accepting new vendors/applications so please disregard the rest of this page until we are up and running in the real world again! Thank you for understanding. BizBaz @ Home is limited to just 10 vendors and is also free to vend at, so it is very limited and different than our normal process! *********************************************

Thanks so much for your interest in Bizarre Bazaar.

BizBaz is a monthly event we started to birth a new, inclusive and supportive community for artists in SoCal (and soon across the world!) We have vendors of all kinds, live gaming tournaments, beer, food trucks, charity raffle, live music, pin trading, giveaways and more!

This all takes place at different venues across SoCal - usually a brewery. We love partnering with different businesses throughout the community.

We require each vendor to donate at least one product of their choosing to our raffle basket. Tickets for that are just $1 and all sales go to a different charity each month.

Attached below you'll find the application. It's $50 - $120 to vend depending on the show and we provide the table, tablecloth and chair(s) along with exhibitor badges and the exclusive pin for that show!

*As of right now (this is subject to change) our San Diego Bizarre Bazaar at AleSmith Brewing on March 22nd is $60 for a six foot table, linen, chair, x2 exhibitor badges, and exclusive pin. Our LA Bizarre Bazaar at 3DRetro on March 29th is $95 for a six foot table, canopy, linen, x2 chairs, x2 exhibitor badges, and exclusive pin.        

We try to make our table fee very affordable - but on top of that we offer a few ways to save money off of your table fee!

1) Volunteer to help setup/tear down at San Diego's BizBaz: For $15 off of the BizBaz of your choice - you can help us setup/tear down the tables at any San Diego BizBaz.

***Limited to 10 people per month. Cannot be combined with referral program or any other discounts/credits. You may accumulate credits to use over time at the BizBaz of your choice. There is no limit to how many credits you can rack up. You are issued this $15 credit AFTER you finish the volunteer work. You must help with both setup and tear down to qualify for the discount off the next BizBaz of your choice. 

2) Referral program for any BizBaz: If you refer a new vendor to us and they get a table - both of your fees are discounted. (This is limited to one discount per show. You are not able to combine discounts for each BizBaz. If you refer more than one vendor at a time - you'll be issued credits that can be claimed at anytime after that particular Bizarre Bazaar.)

3) Split a table: It is no additional cost to split a table with a friend. Both of you need to fill out an application though!

4) Bulk pay: If you'd like to purchase three or more months at one time, we can discount the rate as well - just let us know how many you'd like and we will get you hooked up!  

Click the link below to fill out the application. You can email it back to us at: bizarrebazaarSD@gmail.com. Please ensure when you email us that you include this information:

  1. Which show you are applying for (The date and location) 
  2. If you are referring somebody.
  3. If you are wanting to sign up for one or both of the volunteer programs.
  4. If you are splitting the table with someone (They also must fill out an application)
  5. If you are claiming one of your bulk paid months or credits.
  6. Any other relevant information. 

This information needs to be included despite if we were DM'ing or communicating in any other way. We receive hundreds of DM's a day so it is impossible to remember these details without it in writing in an email. Please do not send multiple emails or DMs. We answer as quickly as possible (usually within the day or within 24 hours), so sending multiple messages will only delay our response to you.

We will keep the application on file for the year of 2020 so that anytime you'd like to participate, we can easily run your application. We accept applications for the entire year so book early to ensure you get a table! Please note that all payment charges are from our mother company, Perfect Humans.